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Thank you for offering to help us to Stop the Dam in Dinas Powys and protect our beloved Dinas Powys Woods, which includes precious ancient woodland. 

To help today simply click the yellow button to download our template letter and post or email it to NRW at the address shown on the letter (for post) or email:

Please mark you email: Stop Dinas Powys Dam.  Alternatively write your own letter, that’s fine with us.

It would also be really helpful if you would copy us in on your email:

If you post your letter, a quick email to let us know would also be really helpful.

The more people do this, the more NRW have to take notice.


Another way you can help is to join our Facebook group: Stop the Dam in Dinas Powys, or follow us on twitter: @stopdinasdam

 This effort is for all of us, all of our children, and our children’s children – let’s make it count!